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PeterPan updated!!

Friday, September 2, 2005
bed at 4am- day one of the video shoot. woke 5:30 am for a 6pm lobby call. car to just outside of nyc. how come starbucks in manhattan aren't open this early. its just tragic. get to video shoot. start with some scenes revenge of the nerds style. you won't see some of this coming and those that did hopefully you will fall in love all over again. reminds me of all the movies we grew up on. met the cast. don't want to spill to many secrets. my mind is swirling. but in the best way possible. got to see all of the overcast kids, s.o. kids and fans- you guys did an amazing job in the video and i just feel great that we don't have to hire "extras". more from tommorrow.

i'm dying to not give up on this.

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I cannot wait for the new video!!!!
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